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Based on the HIT Online Comedy Video series by Conway K.  Conway brings SMUDGE PAN and keeps it DEADLY In an Absolutely Hilarious stage show!  with lots of crowd participation, this is a stand up comedy show you havent seen before!! Please visit the CONTACT page to BOOK your show today!!!


Looking for an MC for your conference, wedding or event? well Conway K is your man!! very energetic, funny, and entertaining, Conway K will be sure to help make your event a huge SUCCESS!! Go to contact page to inquire.

Showcase your Community! Talent show

This 2 day workshop and event is great for building EXCITMENT in your community!  Day 1 Conway K will work with talent show participants, showing participants valuable tools and tricks that will help them build confidence, self esteem and get them ready for the talent show.  Day 2 is the BIG day where all community participants have an oppratunity to SHINE like the stars they are! Go to contact page to inquire.

Youth Dance

Looking for a youth dance? well look no further!! Lights, Sound System, contests and Prizes will keep your youth very Entertained the whole night! Go to contact page to inquire.


Below is a list of workshops offered, please go to contact page for inquires and bookings.



​An absolutely hilarious workshop with lots of participation also a unique twist! Conway will teach about sketch comedy also participants will be lead through video production, writing and editing there very own sketch comedy video! A great workshop for youth and young adults!



This workshop provides a perspective of a balanced lifestyle.  The Medicine wheel helps in guiding people of all ages to live with more Balance; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Each of these four components is discussed in detail and goals are created.  The goals are personal actions that each individual feels are needed in their lives to create a Balance.  Each member of the group has the opportunity to create their own Medicine wheel including their own personal goals. 



​Do you feel that your work environment isn’t positive, nurturing, and productive?

Do you feel like you’re the only one at work who works?

This workshop provides an enthusiastic and interactive approach to working as a team.  The goal is that each individual will better understand himself or herself by answering questions such as: 

What type of learner am I?

What are my strengths and weaknesses? 

A better understanding of self will allow a better understanding of others and more productive work environment. 



​Conway K shares his personal family experiences from his childhood with drugs and alcohol. He demonstrates how he has dedicated his life to "breaking the cycle". As a young man Conway has chosen to follow the Creator and find guidance through the Elders, ceremonies and sweat lodges. This workshop will provide direction to "breaking the cycle" of drug and alcohol abuse.



​Learn tools in;

- How to identify bullying/relational aggression.

- How to avoid being a victim to bullying/relational aggression.

​- How to help others who are victims of bullying/relational aggression.

- Who are "safe" people to talk to about bullying/relational aggression.

Individuals are provided with different types of scenarios involving bullying/relational aggression. The tools that have been discussed will be applied to these scenarios so that each individual builds confidence in how to handle possible interactions that may be harmful to themselves or others around them. 

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